At The Pant Project, we want to help you achieve the perfect fit, in fabrics that provide comfort and excellence. We are into iconic basics that give you an elevated and effortless look. All our products are handmade to perfection by experienced craftsmen.

Backed by 40 years of experience in the textiles and apparel industry, we (Dhruv, Udit & The Pant Project Team) hold an immense passion for clothing trends and how to make the most of them. The Pant Project came into existence in late 2020, during the pandemic; just in time to disrupt the tailoring industry. We are your new age E-tailor for all things bottoms and impeccable fits. 

Our vision is to be best-in-class for pants & shorts that leave a lasting impression. We want to be able to give you the same product year-after-year while still always having something new to offer! 

For the man who cares about a perfect fit without compromising on quality. 

For the man who loves to wear clothes that are tailor-made and consistent. 

When we were children, we realised the potential of being perfectly dressed and how it helps shape us socially and professionally. It has the power to affect our days for the better or the worse. Our obsession with quality, fit and fabrics led us to work closely with experienced designers and tailors to create the perfect pair of pants and shorts in various fabrics and fits. 


When there’s a store just downstairs, why choose us?

As a brand that offers direct-to-consumer service and products, there will always be something better about us. Here is why:

  1. Best-In-Class Premium Fabrics
  2. Handcrafted by Expert Artisans & Tailors
  3. A few clicks, and your tailor-made pants are in process.
  4. Choice of fits, fabrics and accessorizing elements
  5. Pants by suitability: we have pants & shorts for every purpose! 
  6. Free shipping on your orders! 
  7. Free reverse pick-up and alterations for your orders! 
  8. Unlimited consultations with our expert stylists! 
  9. Value for your money: we’d pick tailored over mass-produced every single time! 
  10. Your one-stop fashion-butler for every pair of pants & shorts. 

While your customized pants are being made, there is only one motto on our minds: 

To give you:

High quality pants & shorts focused on function & comfort

Individualistic fit and timeless designs

A sense of comfort and sophistication 

We handle our own manufacturing processes, instead of outsourcing services. Hence, we are able to provide tailor-made bottoms at a price that matches off-the-rack retail merchandise. As a brand, we aim to be your one-stop shop for pants & shorts in every shape, size, style, colour and fabric. You ask, and we deliver. As a team, we hope to be your consistent wardrobe partner, order to order. Getting ready for the day should feel effortless and exciting; and at The Pant Project, we are all about the fit, the joy and the excellence! 

At Banswara Syntex, our manufacturing unit:

  • We are one of the largest single-mill set ups of fibre-dyed yarn in ASIA.
  • We have a highly specialised product range, and are able to source fabrics to a number of highly reputed fast fashion brands like Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, Marks and Spencer, Next, Zara, Arrow, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Dockers, etc.
  • Our head designers are based in France (Toulouse) and Italy (Biella) that visit various exhibitions and seminars globally for the better understanding and implementation of the latest designing aspects.