Mint Green 100% Linen Shorts

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A brilliant light aqua color makes these a perfect choice for day-time relaxing & socialising. Wear our custom-made linen shorts for a cool, casual yet classy vibe while staying super-comfortable in 100% luxurious linen. Customize them to fit you perfectly now!

Linen 100%

Free alterations & free shipping

  • Machine Wash Warm

    Machine Wash Warm

  • Tumble Dry Medium

    Tumble Dry Medium

  • Machine Iron

    Machine Iron

  • Do not bleach

    Do not bleach

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Custom fit Dress pant trousers in a stretch navy Poly Viscose fabric

Stretch Eco Navy Pants

  • Fit Style: RELAXED
  • Rise: High
  • Waist Size: 35
  • Inseam Length: 34
  • Front Panel: Flat Front
  • Outer Waist: Regular
  • Fastening: Button
  • Front Pocket: Slant Pocket
  • Hem: REGULAR
  • Monogramming: Monogramming

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