Q ) Are the measurements garment or body measurements? What is the difference? I typically wear a size 32 in my favourite brand, what size should I order in Pant Project?

At The Pant Project we make our pants as per exact body measurements. If you are a size 32 in your favourite brand, it is likely that your actual waist measurement is 34 inches. We recommend you order 2 inches more than the size you wear. If you have gotten tailor made pants previously, you can put in your exact measurements. 

O ) I am ordering a power stretch fabric, should I order a size smaller or stick to my exact measurements?

We do not recommend you to change your measurements based on the fabric. All our size charts and fits already account for different fabrics. 

Q ) Where do you source your fabrics from?

Majority of our fabrics are sourced from India’s leading textile mill, Banswara Syntex. Banswara Syntex works with the best of global brands such as Hugo Boss, Massimo Dutti, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, GAP, Marks & Spencer, Zara, Uniqlo, and many more

Q ) Where do you source your trims, accessories and packaging from? 

Our accessories, trims fabrics, linings and other packaging materials are sourced from an array of vendors in India. All our trims and accessories are durable and of high quality.

We use only sustainable packaging materials, and do not have any plastic in our packaging.

Q ) Where is your manufacturing unit?

Our pants are proudly produced at our state-of-the-art In-house factories in Daman. Our factories are certified as per the highest of global standards, and have SEDEX and WRAP Gold Certifications. Our tailors are trained with the best of technical know-how. Each pant is made with a lot of care and precision. 

- Digital Pattern Making: Each customer’s pattern is digitally configured with made to measure specs.

 - Individualized Fabric Cutting: Each pant is individually laser cut for precision, or hand-cut, depending on the fabric. 

- Stitching & Sewing: Our tailors stitch and sew each pant using the highest quality machines, and with the best technology.

- Thorough Quality Control: Each pant is checked at every stage of the production process and reviewed by at least two sets of eyes so that we only deliver product of the highest quality.

Q ) Will my pants shrink after a wash?

All our fabrics have undergone rigorous testing and pass the highest of global standards to ensure that there is no significant shrinkage. Over many washes, you may experience a 2% - 3% shrinkage, which is in line with global acceptable tolerance and barely noticeable. To minimize any issues with shrinkage, kindly ensure to check out and follow our wash care label instructions. Treat your pants with care, and they can last a lifetime!

Q ) Why does the color shade of pants sometimes differ from the photos on the product page?

Discrepancies in color may arise due to factors such as variations in lighting conditions during photography, differences in monitor/screen settings, camera settings influencing color capture, post-processing effects, and the impact of fabric characteristics on light absorption and reflection. We try our best to show the visual representation of the color.

Q ) How are my garments measurements stored and when I place a repeat order, can you ensure that my measurements will be the same? What if I have changed sizes and need to change my measurements? 

When you place an order on www.pantproject.com we store your measurements in our digital database. You can rest assured that all your measurement information is secure, and will not be shared with any third party. 

The next time you place an order, we will follow your previous measurements unless you enter new measurements.

Your base measurement received in first order is visible in your profile.  

Q ) Do you have a physical store?

We have 2 physical store in Mumbai and other in Bangalore Jayanagar. You can find the address on our "Store Locator" page. 

Q ) Will I be charged for advanced customizations like monogramming or pleats?

All our advanced customizations are free. The price of the pant at checkout is the total price that you will be charged. 

Q ) What if the amount got debited from my account but I did not receive an order ID / confirmation?

We ensure that an Order ID is confirmed only once our bank receives the payment from your bank. Sometimes, due to unforeseen reasons, the amount might be debited from your side but would not have been received by us yet. Please send an email at customercare@pantproject.com and we'll sort it out for you.