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Ocean Waves Power-Stretch Pants

Not stitched properly

Very Baggy

Army Olive Stretch Pants
Mahesh Viswanath

My recent purchase had a wrong monogram than what I ordered. However I was happy that Pant Project team have given me a free replacement.
My previous order too had monogram missing- I didn't raise any feedback and used the same.
In all my previous orders(3) the fitment, fabric quality all have been very good.
However, monogram execution needs improvement.

Ebony Black Stretch Pants
Saloni Mahapatra
Amazing Ebony Pants!

Buying pants online is a high risk transaction. However, the amazing people at Pant Project have made it an easy, trust-worthy and reliable venture. I bought one for my husband and my over-particular husband was not only pleased but has also asked me to buy one more! Good job, Pant Project!

I thought that satisfaction in these days of consumerism is difficult to find.

I found personally that the material, styling, customer relationships, comfort while wearing the clothes, the range of offerings and the elegance of attaining my feel good factor with Pant Project as one of the best ever!! I think that they have inculcated a rare combinations of “”designing customer’s dreams””… thank you Pant Project for giving this to me as one of your many growing customer base. My best wishes for more trophies to you on the long wings or customer delight!!

New Favourite

I am gonna buy more and more and more and more and more and more.

Excellent product

Comfortable and stylish

Took a little while, but it was worth it

Their team is really good, on seeing that I am not satisfied with the fit, they immediately offered to alter it as it wasn’t upto the mark, the team remade it for free, they have me as a customer for life

Good Quality

Black Shadow Cargo

Costly and Little loose over waist line, over all fitted perfectly.

Harbour Grey Power-Stretch Pants

Recent purchase of pants

Fit well,good fabric altogether great experiance

Excellent quality with great fitting

All pants had great fitting. The fabric is very comfortable.

Great fit!

No alterations required. The fitting and finishing was perfect

Very good

Excellent stretchable pants

The Pant recently purchased by me fits me perfectly and is extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric and stitching is top-class.I would recommend the Pant Project to all my friends seeking customised pants in different colours and options.

Super fabric, super fit.


Wonderful Fitting...

Double Black Houndstooth Power-Stretch Pants

Earth Khaki Stretch Chinos

Stretch Pants

Pants are good as fabric, fittings

Good Quality Product

The product quality is good. Just the size fitting needs to be clearly stated to avoid return for re-fitting.


Expecting more quality of textile at this price.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit