Welcome to Pant Project, where luxury meets functionality in our exclusive collection of custom-made men's athleisure jogger pants. Experience unparalleled comfort and style with our meticulously crafted joggers that cater to your active lifestyle without compromising on sophistication.

Tailored Perfection: We understand that each individual is unique, and our custom-made athleisure joggers ensure a perfect fit that flatters your physique. Enjoy a refined and modern silhouette that exudes confidence and style.

Versatile Style: Experience the fusion of athletic wear and leisure fashion with our custom-made joggers. Effortlessly transition from workouts to casual outings without compromising on your signature style. 


Men's athleisure joggers are an indispensable wardrobe addition for several reasons. Their functional design offers unparalleled comfort during sports and everyday activities. The versatility of athleisure joggers allows effortless transitions from gym sessions to casual outings. With moisture-wicking properties and a tailored fit, they are the best joggers for sports.

How to effortlessly style Men’s Athleisure joggers

  1. Sporty Sophistication: Achieve sporty sophistication by pairing our custom-made athleisure joggers with a sleek performance polo shirt and minimalist sneakers. Add a stylish bomber jacket to complete the urban-chic look.
  2. Monochromatic Styles: Embrace the luxurious vibe of monochromatic outfits, focusing on texture and layering for a refined and elevated appearance.
  3. Minimalist Accessories: Keep it sleek and understated with minimalist watches, bracelets, and sunglasses that complement the athleisure aesthetic.

 Why did we choose these fabrics?

At Pant Project, we take pride in crafting men's athleisure jogger pants from the finest selection of fabrics, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality for your active lifestyle. Our joggers are designed with a perfect blend of polyester, viscose, and elastane, each contributing unique benefits.

1. Polyester Viscose Lycra Blend: Embrace durability and wrinkle resistance with our PV Lycra drawstring joggers. This fabric guarantees long-lasting wear and is super soft and comfortable, reducing the need for frequent replacements. The polyester is also entirely made from recycled plastic.

2. Power Stretch fabric: Our knitted PV Lycra fabrics provide ultimate stretch comfort and a cool, casual look. These stretchable joggers are a must in your wardrobe.

3. Water Repellent Fabric: Our All Weather Joggers are made using proprietary water repellent  fabric that protects you from the dirt, water and stains. The fabric thickness is also designed keeping in mind the Indian weather, making it the perfect pair for all year wear.

We truly understand the importance of comfort and do not take it for granted

Our core philosophy revolves around prioritising the comfort of our customers. 

When engaged in physical activities or sports, comfort is essential for optimal performance. Ill-fitting or uncomfortable joggers can hinder movement, leading to restricted mobility and reduced performance. Comfortable joggers are often made from breathable materials that wick away sweat and moisture, keeping the wearer cool and dry during workouts or sports activities.

From the choice of premium fabrics that offer a soft touch against your skin to the meticulous attention paid to crafting the perfect fit, our focus on comfort is evident in every aspect of our pants. We believe that comfortable pants not only elevate your physical comfort but also contribute to your overall confidence and well-being.

Ordering and Delivery process

At The Pant Project, your satisfaction is our topmost priority. Our seamless process ensures a delightful shopping experience.

After choosing your preferred product with personalised fit and style, our India-based factory manufactures and ships it within 10-14 days. For a flawless fit, our skilled tailors offer free adjustments, covering all shipping costs.

Once you discover your perfect fit, we retain your measurements for future orders. Reordering your favourite pants is effortless, ensuring the same consistent fit every time, unlike generic ready-made pants.

With over 100,000 pants delivered and a 4.5/5 customer rating, experience the excellence of Custom-Made Formal Pants for Men at Shop The Pant Project. Join us today!

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