Making The Case: Custom-Made Chinos For A Stylish Summer!

Summer is officially here!

That being said, you’re probably wondering how to up your style for the season. The heat swelters on throughout the summer for us, and all we need while we spend all our time at home is some comfort and a lot of style. Finding a pair of pants that marries durability, comfort, style and an impeccable fit is hard. But this is where custom-made steps in; to save you from the shopping blues, color-hunting and tailor visits!

Chinos are the magical word for summer-season and all the other seasons. The name comes from the cloth it is made of: a lightweight cotton twill fabric, originally made for military uniforms. It made its way into men’s wardrobes because of its breathability, durability, and additional comfort. Looking for something formal, yet casual and comfortable? A chino pant hits the spot. Dress it up, dress it down; you’re going to feel your best either way. 

Colorful Chinos

The world today embraces comfort and convenience above all else; so the chinos made their way into the half-pant culture too. Like jeans, they can be worn with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual day out, or t-shirt and a mean pair of boots for nights where dressing up seems too far away a task. And just like dress pants, chinos can be worn with a tucked in shirt and a smart pair of shoes for a social gathering too! 

Ah, the versatility gets to us; we love them, we wear them everywhere, and some of us have been caught sleeping in them too. Oh, that’s because of the additional stretch the fabric gives us. There’s so much to finding the perfect chinos for your summer wardrobe: the fit, the style and the colours. 

Where should your chinos sit?

Chinos should feel snug around your waist; not too tight, not too loose. Temperatures rise, but you need comfort along with the style. The waistband of your chinos shouldn’t be so tight that it digs into your bellies; although we won’t judge if you want to unbutton your pants after a wholesome dinner (we’ve all been there!). 

How should your chinos fit?

As personal a choice as it gets, your chinos can fit you relaxed, slim or tapered. This depends on your hips and how you like your pants to flow. Most people usually go with a slim or tapered fit, unless it’s a home-wear garment; then, relaxed should be your choice for an airier feeling. 

Where should your chinos end?

This again, depends on a personal preference. Where Dhruv likes his pants just where his shoes begin, no ruffles and no space in between; Udit prefers to have his pants just at his ankles, half-an-inch above the shoes. Ideally, your chino pants should end just half-an-inch below your ankle, to make for a perfect look. 

What colours should you wear?

Depending purely on one’s personal choice, chinos are a perfect choice for an all-season wear as much as a summer favourite. The colours to pick, however, depend on the style you carry. Some prefer to stick to darker shades like black, navy, wine or a dark olive. For some, pastels in the summer is everything; if you’re a menswear maverick that pairs perky colours with the right shirts and t-shirts! 

Green Chinos

For those that like to stick with natural shades, a beige, camel, tobacco and some greys and whites make for a perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

At The Pant Project, we recognize what you need, and work on bringing you the best chinos, custom-made in premium fabrics, with expert tailoring and a seamless ordering process. In a wide range of colours, our cotton stretch chinos are made from the finest cottons to offer a cool, casual and breathable experience with additional comfort. Our collection offers a wide range of colours to choose from: pastels for a summery vibe, dark shades for days at work or date-nights and natural colours for easy days to hang out with your friends and family. All you have to do is click-customize-confirm and voila, a custom-made pair of chinos at your doorstep to make summer stylish! Check out our collection here!

Custom made chinos

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