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Discover the Perfect Fusion: Houndstooth Pattern and Powerstretch Fabric

Discover the Perfect Fusion: Houndstooth Pattern and Powerstretch Fabric

Houndstooth- PATTERN

Houndstooth is a classic textile pattern characterized by a distinctive repeating design of broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes. The pattern's name comes from its resemblance to the back teeth of a hound dog, hence the term "houndstooth." It is traditionally woven in a two-color combination, often black and white or another contrasting pair, but it can also be found in a variety of colors and scales.

Patterned Pants for men

  • The houndstooth pattern consists of a series of broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, typically arranged in a grid-like fashion. Each check is shaped like a pointed rectangle or a dog's tooth, which gives the pattern its name.
  • Traditionally, houndstooth is woven using two colors, creating a sharp contrast between the checks. The most common color combination is black and white, but it can also be seen in other contrasting hues like brown and beige, red and black, or blue and white. Houndstooth is a symmetrical pattern, meaning it looks the same when rotated or reflected. This symmetrical arrangement contributes to its timeless and balanced aesthetic

Key benefits of power-stretch pants:

4 way stretch:

Stretchable Formal Pants for Men

Power-stretch fabric is designed to stretch in all four directions (lengthwise, widthwise, and diagonally), providing maximum elasticity and allowing the garment to move with the wearer's body. This stretchability enhances flexibility and range of motion during various physical activities.

Stretchable waistband:

Pants with stretchable waistband

Our Pants provide a stretchable waistband that incorporates elastic materials to provide flexibility and comfort around the waist area. This feature allows the waistband to expand and contract, offering a more forgiving and accommodating fit for the wearer. It adapts to the body's movements, making it suitable for various activities and everyday wear.

Shirt gripper:

Shirt gripper for Men

Shirt gripper is to keep the shirt securely tucked into the pants, preventing it from bunching up or coming untucked during movement. A shirt gripper can reduce the need for constant adjustments to keep the shirt tucked in, ensuring greater comfort throughout the day.

Wrinkle resistant:

Wrinkle resistant pants for men

Our Pants have  Wrinkle-resistant which  refers to a property of certain fabrics or garments that are designed to resist wrinkling or creasing, helping them maintain a smoother appearance even after extended wear or storage.

Make a statement with our refreshing power-stretch patterns.

Scottish Blue Houndstooth Power-Stretch Pants

Scottish Blue Pants for Men

Double Black Houndstooth Power-Stretch Pants

Black Houndstooth Pants for Men

Walnut Brown Houndstooth Power-Stretch Pants

Brown Formal Pants for Men

Storm Grey Houndstooth Power-Stretch Pants

Grey Formal Pants for Men

Heritage: Houndstooth

Discover styles that are beautifully textured, breathable, & stretchable.

Casual Pants for Men

The weight of power-stretch fabric can vary depending on the specific composition and intended use of the fabric. Power-stretch fabrics are typically designed to have a good balance of stretch, durability, and breathability, making them suitable for various activities and clothing applications. 


Our Viscose is entirely sustainable LIVA viscose; natural fibers from trees grown specifically for the purpose of creating viscose. One of the most purified forms of cellulose.


We get our customers fit right on the first order 90%+ of the times.If it does not fit you, don’t worry, we pick up your pants and alter them for free within 14 days. No questions asked!

Houndstooth Pants for Men

Power-stretch pants epitomize comfort. The fabric's exceptional stretchability provides unrestricted movement, ensuring a cozy and flexible fit for all-day wear. Embrace freedom and ease with POWERSTRETCH pants. Overall, power-stretch fabric is a popular choice for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking comfortable and flexible clothing for active lifestyles. Its combination of stretch, breathability, moisture management, and thermal properties makes it an excellent option for a variety of performance-based garments.

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