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TPP Guide: Make the most of your custom-made cargo shorts with these styling tips!

TPP Guide: Make the most of your custom-made cargo shorts with these styling tips!

The latest fashion staple, and one that’s here to stay. Cargo shorts. Spring, summer, monsoon or a warm-ish winter; cargo shorts are the perfect style statement. A versatile option, cargo shorts go well with any kind of shirt or t-shirt you throw on them.

Custom Made Cargo Shorts

Where can I wear them?

Hiking and adventure trips

Nature is calling, and you must go. Don’t forget to wear your ultra-comfortable cargo shorts while you’re at it. They hold all your valuables and keep them safe too. Pair them with a comfortable shirt & hiking boots because days out in the sun call for some sweat and tiredness.

Road-tripping & vacations

Perfectly fitting cargo shorts are all you need to feel comfortable through long road trips in the car or while you enjoy much-needed sightseeing on your latest vacation. Moisture-wicking fabrics, crafted into the perfect fit for you; a boatload of comfort and a big slice of style. For classic comfort on your vacations, we recommend choosing our Better Basics for core colors, stretch comfort & lightweight wear. 

Barbecue & pool parties

Leisurely parties are just about getting started. Make sure to wear your custom-made cargo shorts to the next pool party for dapper style. The handy 6-pocket design ensures safety for all your valuables and something tells us our All-Weather Essential line is just what you need to steer clear of those light splashes and food stains. 

Pair your cargo shorts with a comfortable crew neck or a well-fitted polo tee and some flip flops and you’re the star of the party. For those that are comfortable with, we recommend putting on a smart sleeveless vest instead of a t-shirt too!

Errand runs

A day out on the town can get boring and sweaty if you’re in pants. However, a smart pair of cargo shorts paired with a cool cotton tee is the perfect way to stay cool, stylish & comfortable running errands all day. 

After all, premium custom-made wear has its own set of advantages too. The handy 6-pocket design, stretch comfort & tailored fit add to your look. 

Weekend workdays

A casual weekend is best enjoyed at leisure. However, if work calls, it’s essential to stay comfortable and leisurely despite office visits on weekends. Darker shades of cargo shorts are an ideal choice when it comes to looking sharp and smart casual. 

Choosing your cargo fit?

Those with an athletic build may choose a tapered fit, owing to their broad frame and muscular stature. Loose shorts should be avoided as they look baggy. A tapered fit offers an overall smart look when paired with basic tees or a checkered shirt for casual gatherings. 

Those with a larger frame should go for a pair of relaxed fit cargo shorts. Avoid slim fits as they emphasize your weight; choose a relaxed fit for an overall rugged look. Whether it's a tee or a shirt; your cargo shorts will look good with anything you throw on. 

Those with a lean build should choose to go for slim fit when it comes to their cargo shorts. Choose to pair them with basics for a casual gathering and smart flannel shirts for a day out in nature. 

Now that you know just how to put on cargo shorts for just about every occasion, we suggest you look through our wide range of custom-made cargo shorts and choose your wardrobe favourites now!

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