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Fabrics & How To Pick Them

Fabrics & How To Pick Them

Whether you’re adding to or transforming your wardrobe, it is important to assess and choose your attire fabrics carefully. Our love for premium fabrics and the concept of made-to-order brought us to introducing The Pant Project; because we believe in only giving you the best of the best.

So while selecting fabrics for your pants and shorts for daily-wear and special occasions, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each kind. For example, on summer days, you would not opt for wool as much as cotton for your attire. So, let’s get into it:

Poly Viscose

With its origin in the 1800’s, poly-viscose is essentially a smart blend of polyester and viscose, that are soft, durable and ultra-comfortable for all-day wear everyday. The main characteristics that describe our poly-viscose pants are:

  • Excellently absorbent: PV does not trap heat and is absorbent of water and sweat, making it a great choice for days when you’re constantly on the run, or even during some light showers (we don’t discount the use of an umbrella, though). 
  • Lightweight: With an extremely airy texture and breathability, PV makes for very easy-to-wear pants for work-days or when you’re out on the town. 
  • Soft & Shape-Maintaining: Apart from their great feel, our PV pants also offer a strict shape, without shrinkage or stretching on wear & tear. 

Apart from the above, the best advantage of Poly-viscose when it comes to pants is the excellent machine-washability. So when you’re looking for style, comfort and convenience, you know what to pick! 


A versatile and global choice for all-weather wear, cotton is a cool, comfortable, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that is also hypoallergenic and durable. We love our cottons, especially the chinos; the perfect summer colours woven into breathable, soft and comfortable fabric to fit perfectly. Choose cotton for workwear, all-season wear and casual days! 

PS: They are also excellent for heat-resistance, so wear away on summer days for supreme comfort. You will never regret wearing cotton pants! 


Known for everything from summer wear to home furnishings, linens are a top choice for when you want to feel effortlessly comfortable, look no further. Linen is all you need for an elegant, yet effortlessly comfortable and stylish pick for brunches, casual work-days and beach vacations! 

Our 100% luxury linens are the perfect choice for your pants because they are soft to the touch, absorbent of moisture and breathable for every warm day out. And what’s more? Easily machine-washable and easy-to-care-for, our 100% luxe linens are naturally hypoallergenic, so wear away without any worries!


When it comes to best-in-class, we love our knits. Synthetic Ponti Di Roma knits are a stable fabric that are a blend of poly-viscose and elastane that offer superior stretch in your pants. So jump in them, run in them, laze in them or hang out in them; there’s no end to what you can do in these pants! 

Our premium knits are your top choice for their natural wrinkle resistance and durability with power-stretch making them a stylishly dressy pant to wear in ultra-comfort. They look excellent, and only you know how comfortable they really are! 

Wool Rich

Oh yessss! This is the perfect choice for formal wear on hot and cool days. Why? Because it’s top quality fabric that is stronger, finer and smoother. The fineness and smoothness of worsted wool helps your pants drape better; they make for the perfect formalwear, if you have important meetings or a wedding to get to! With cooling properties in the summer weather and insulating characteristics for a cooler climate, this is a versatile choice for your wardrobe. 

We also love it because of how durable it is; resilient to stretching and creasing. If you’re walking into a boardroom, you need to wear these; your bossy pants! 


Since you are here with us, you obviously have great taste. For a more in-depth look and understanding of our fabrics and offerings, you can check out our collection or ring us up; our stylists will always be here to help you choose the perfect pants for every occasion!

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