Styling your cords for the perfect look!

The slight nip in the air is settling in, and some warm clothing is all we need to enjoy the cool temperatures. Corduroys, crafted using high-quality cottons, woven in pinwale textures are the perfect answer to your wardrobe concerns. 

Originating from the French ‘Cord-du-roi’ that stands for ‘cloth of the king’, corduroys bring a rich texture handfeel and soft comfort to the wearer as well as some cool smart-casual or sophisticated formal style, depending on how you style it for the day. We’re here to help you make your choices: after all, corduroy is cool, comfortable, versatile & durable for everywhere & every wear. 

So, really, there are three ways to ace this game: casual, smart-casual, smart-formal.



The easiest way to go about this is to pick your go-to weekend outfit of a sweatshirt, checked shirt or t-shirt, denim and moccasins or sneakers. Replace the denims with a custom-made pair of corduroy pants, and your outfit is fall/winter ready with perfect style. The texture of corduroy makes your outfit a more fashionable & stylish one. The colors that corduroys come in are wearable with versatility; your entire outfit can become tonal to complement the trousers with every shade you choose to throw on it. 



Corduroys, being more casual than a tailored pair of stark formalwear, and higher up in the style quotient when it comes to comparing them with denims, corduroys become the king of casual-formal attire. The rule of thumb for choosing corduroys is: the darker you choose, the more formal they look. The lighter you go, the more casual they look. 

Pairing your corduroys with a smart cable-knit sweater or a well-fitted shirt and finishing them with chelsea boots or comfortable deck shoes is the way to go for a formal event, or an outdoor dinner with family!



From CEO duties to wedding parties, corduroys can be styled to make you look like a million bucks in classy, sophisticated style with ease. As the texture is rich in itself, it doesn’t take much to make these pants blend into a formal look. Choose a sharper tapered or slim fit, paired with a crisp shirt and blazer/overcoat for days that beckon a formal yet suave look.

So whether you’re looking for a dressed up, dressed down, casual or cultivated look, corduroys are your go-to for the season with rich fabric, handpicked colors tailored to perfection for you. Have a look here at our corduroy collection!

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