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The Ultimate Do-Everything Pants: Custom-Made Cargos, SO GOOD!

The Ultimate Do-Everything Pants: Custom-Made Cargos, SO GOOD!

OOO-approved and the perfect choice for a day in or out of the house, custom-made cargo pants are a wardrobe staple for every man. When you’ve got extra pockets, you are always extra prepared. Cargo pants are a great choice for when you are exploring the outdoors, but they are also a great choice for when you are running errands, out all day with your mates or while you travel from country to country exploring beautiful sights. 

Blue Cargo Pants

Made using super soft stretchy fabric, custom-tailored to your perfect fit and offering a breathable comfort, our custom-made cargo pants are just what you need for everything, everywhere and everytime. Why wear cargo pants? Keys, wallet, phone, mask, earbuds, lip balm, sanitizer, sunglasses, lens wipes, stuff that has regular pant pockets bulging; with custom-made cargo pants you’ve got extra room to do everything a little more freely. 

Black Cargo Pants

Our custom-made cargo pants come in a wide range of fabric choices from four-way stretch knits, premium cotton-stretch cargos, water-repellent All Weather Essentials to rich Corduroy cargos. Whether you choose cargo shorts or cargo pants, they are custom-made to fit you just right and offer a whole world of comfort. A full 5-stars everytime you wear them; our guarantee!

Cargos for Men

Here are a few activities where cargo pants and cargo shorts make for perfect wear:

Hikes & walking trails

We all know that hikes and walking trails call for holding all your essentials in place, before you miss a step and lose everything from your open pockets. Super lightweight and absolutely comfortable with ample stretch, our custom-made cargo pants and shorts keep you in durable moisture-wicking comfort as well as offer extra room to hold all your essentials in place. Break a sweat, because our fabrics are going to keep you comfy nonetheless!

Power-stretch Cargos

Catching flights, hoarding feelings (of comfort)

We all know the toll heavy travel can take on our bodies and comfort. Long hours, delays, overlapping flights and longer than ever layovers. Well, catching flights gets very tempting during this holiday season with a pair of expertly crafted custom-made cargo pants or shorts, made to give you a world of comfort and all-day ease whether you’re hustling from city to city or hopping countries. Carry your passport and other travel essentials safely in multiple pockets and hop on your transport in stretchy, durable, extremely soft and moisture-wicking fabrics. 

Corduroy Cargo Pants

Errand runs!

Festive season calls for many errands, commitments and stocking up. While you go from store to store or venue to venue to collect essentials and ensure facilities are in place, a pair of custom-made stretch cargo pants and shorts make sure you are absolutely comfortable through the hustle. Airy, lightweight and in colors that give you edgy style, our expert custom-fit keeps you looking and feeling good all day, everyday. 

Classic Cargo Pants

Lounging & Lazing

Why compromise on style and comfort while you lounge at home too? Whether you’re alone getting some TV hours in or hanging out with your friends and family, comfort is non-negotiable. A stylish pair of cargo pants and shorts are a wardrobe essential in such cases. A pair of camo cargo pants makes for the perfect at-home, hide away comfort in stretchy, durable and lightweight fabrics. 

Camo Cargo Pants

From our retro corduroys, all-weather essentials that keep you comfy in unpredictable weather, rich cotton chino or four-way stretchable knit fabric, custom-made cargo pants or shorts are a must for your casual wardrobes. So, what are you going to keep in your pockets?

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