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Find Your Perfect Fit

Find Your Perfect Fit
Struggling to find the right size or find the right pair of pants to suit your needs? This guide will help you find the right style, waist, length, rise and customizations for you.

Choose the right pants for you

Struggling with the style of pants you need? Here's a short guide on how to pick the type of pants that are perfect for you:

Formal Pants
- Officewear & meetings, work lunches
- Family gatherings & weddings 

Power Stretch Knits
- Smart-casuals at the office
- Easy dinners & brunches due to stretch comfort
- Ideal for all-day comfort wear

Cargo pants
- Treks, picnics & outdoors
- Casual evenings & roadtrips 
- Errand runs & grocery shopping

- Smart-casuals at the office
- Easy dinners & social gatherings
- Brunches & all-day wear

Drawstring Joggers
- Great for lounging at home
- Easy workouts & evening walks
- Late night drives & coffee runs 

FITUnderstanding your fit is the most important aspect of tailored clothing, and at The Pant Project, we make this a priority. We offer 3 fit-styles for you to choose from at The Pant Project - Slim Fit, Tapered Fit and Relaxed Fit.
The fit you choose for your custom-made clothing makes or breaks how dapper you look. Understanding your fit is the most important aspect of tailored clothing, and at The Pant Project, we make this a priority. So let's dive right into it. We offer 3 fit-styles for you to choose from at The Pant Project:


Slim Fit: Body-hugging and typically for the lean, slender man with a narrow waist. These pants tend to fit snugly overall; the seat, thighs and legs too. 


When? Perfect for formal wear at events, occasions, gatherings or for office-wear when a snug, neat fit is all you need. Date nights, too!


Tapered Fit: When talking about a tapered fit, these pants are roomier at the seat and thigh portion making them a roomier alternative to slim-fits offering a less tight and comfortable fit. We recommend a tapered fit for those that have bigger hips as well as larger thighs for a comfortable yet stylish wear.

When? Choose these for when you're hanging out casually with some friends and chill out at ease. Comfortable & not too body-hugging. 

Relaxed Fit: The traditional, no-nonsense fit that screams comfort & airiness. Straight from the waist down without any tapers or slimming, your relaxed fit pants are perfect if you prefer to have a roomier wear without any body-hugging or tightness. These also work as a great option if you have a rounder body.

When? For days where you just want to relax, lounge and let go; voila, relaxed pants save the day. Fitting perfectly at the waist and giving you absolute breathing space while you take a day to yourself.

Picking your rise

The rise of your pants is the distance between the crotch-point and waistband of your pants. 

Low risepants that are designed to fit low on or just below the hips
Mid risepants which sit right at where you measure your waist
High rise: pants that sit right at your belly button


Measuring your waist

Taking accurate body measurements is not as hard as it sounds. We recommend following simple steps to know your perfect waist-size, after having selected the rise you prefer on your pants:

  • Use a flexible measuring tape for maximum accuracy.
  • Make sure the measuring tape is level; neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Measure on bare skin, not over clothes. This helps us know your exact size. 
  • Have someone take the measurements for you; to avoid bending or flexing into a wrong measurement.

Finding your in-seam length

In lay man's language, your seams are the two sides to your pants. The outseam is the length towards the outer side of your thigh and this is the entire length from the waistband down to where your pants end (a little above, at, or a little below your ankle). The in-seam, on the other hand, is the running length of your pants from the inner thigh. 

This is the distance between the groin on your pants, to where your pants end. For the inseam, run the tape down from your groin to your lower ankle and stop right where you like your pants to end. That would be the in-seam length in inches you prefer on your pants. 

5'4 26 36
5'5 26 36
5'6 27 37 
5'7 28 38
5'8 28 38
5'9 29 39
5'10 30 40
5'11 31 41
6'0 32 42
6'1 33 43
6'2 33 43
6'3 34 44

Personalize your pants: Make them YOURS!

Once you have your basic customizations in place, our 'Advanced Customizations' are where the true personalization begins. Here's a gist of how to pick your preferences when it comes to the Advanced Customizations:

  • The Front Panel offers options of a flat front, creasing or pleats, depending on how you like to wear your pants. Pleated pants are usually recommended for office & formal-wear and flat-front for a more comfortable & casual wear. 
  • The Outer Waistband option gives you choices between a regular waistband or an extended tab fastening. The extended tab usually helps keep your pant waistband from wrinkling and helps reinforce the fastening. 
  • In Fastening, we offer a button or hook fastening; depending on your choice & comfort. Hooks tend to offer a neater look when it comes to fastening your pants for the day. 

  • The Front Pocket option gives you a choice between a regular open Slant Pocket or a Zipper Pocket. This once again, depends on a personal choice depending on where and when the pants are worn. Zipper pockets look neat and hold your belongings in place too! 
  • The Hem option gives you a regular stitched or a turned up hem for a cooler, more chic look when it comes to casual wear pants. An absolutely personal choice for you. 
  • Monogramming usually is done on the inside of the Left Front Pocket and is two letters. You could use your initials for this to make it a uniquely 'YOUR' pant. 

Once all the options are selected, all you need to do is 

Add To Cart & proceed to checkout and wait for your custom-made pants to reach your doorstep!

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