Custom-made Vs Off The Rack

Versatility begins with you. From your choices, your preferences and how you pull them off. When it comes to filling your wardrobe with everyday and occasion wear, going the custom-made path brings a wider smile than a staple off-the-rack. Why?

  • Custom-fit for every size. 
  • Stretch comfort in premium fabrics. 
  • Free shipping & free alterations. 
  • You can monogram them too!
  • Style customization (crease/ pleat/ double pleat, hook or button, extended tab, etc)

So why choose off-the-rack? Exactly. Where you spend approximately INR 3, 000 for a pair of cotton chinos at reputed brands, you can customize your fit and preferences in the same value at the click of a button, no matter where you are.

Perfect Pants for Men

Custom-made clothing gives you a fit perfect for your body, while still not compromising on quality. In the olden days, and many times even now, most people purchase fabric from one source and visit their tailor over the course of the next few days to customize a set of clothes. 

We married this concept into a digital platform that can be accessed from wherever you are, to be able to order your custom-made pants at the click of a button. From a wide range of formal choices, casual choices and adventure essentials, we’ve got it all for you. 

Best pant online in India

For example, our Bangalore Black Power-Stretch Pants are the perfect choice for everything from work, parties to weddings. With four-way stretch comfort, a moisture-wicking fabric and a custom-fit monogrammed for the wearer, these pants are the top choice for everything elegant and timeless. 

Similarly, our Mineral Grey Formal Pants, wide range of Cotton Chinos in so many colors and a cool collection of luxurious merino wool & linen pants, you are spoiled for choice. 

Your one-stop shop for all bottomwear, custom-made to fit just you. Here’s how we are different (read: better) for you.

Stretchable Pants for Women

While we continue to evolve and add to our collections, timeless designs await your attention. From formal pants blended with recycled polyester and sustainable viscose, to wool pants sourced from cruelty-free merino farms of Australia, from BCI-certified organic cotton to all-natural european linens and finally our true favorite for everywhere (literally)... our four-way stretch Ponti Di Roma knit fabric. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get clicking and order your custom-made pants now!

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