My Black Pants: The Real MVP!

Though style changes with time and new trends are always in the air when it comes to the world of fashion, a black pant is a true essential and the only go-to when we cannot decide what to wear. Sleek, stylish and perfect for day to night, black trousers when chosen correctly fit perfectly well and elevate your look for every occasion. 

A custom-fit always guarantees better comfort and style than a pair of trousers bought from the market. At The Pant Project, our curated fabrics are the best-in-class, luxurious and offer comfort that gives you effortless all day wear. Whether you are a formal trousers guy or prefer laid-back chinos or simply something more functional, we have a wide range of black pants for you to choose from!

Bangalore Black Power-Stretch Pants

Bangalore Black Power Stretch Pants

For the man that loves supreme comfort in pants that look like pants but feel like joggers, we’ve got our power-stretch pants. With four-way superior stretch, wrinkle-resist properties and a custom-fit, these are the perfect pants to take you from day to night in effortless style and moisture-wicking comfort. 

Style tip: A crisp tucked shirt and formal shoes by day and a polo and sneakers or comfy loafers by night elevate your style in these pants!

Ebony Black Stretch Pants

Custom made pants for men

For crisp formal style, our Ebony Black Stretch Pants are perfect for the man that loves looking his everyday best whether it’s at work or on date night. Giving you stretch comfort and lightweight comfort, these formal pants are your go-to for everything from office to lunches and casual dinners too!

Style tip: A crisp tucked in shirt and formal shoes by day and an easy tee and loafers to elevate evening style!

Black Shadow Stretch Chinos

Black Custom Made Pants

Truly laid-back and cozy comfort, our Black Shadow Stretch Chinos are the perfect black choice for when you want style that balances casual and occasional wear. Pair them with tees or casual shirts with a cool pair of sneakers and you are stylishly set for the day.

Style tip: We love some bright colored solids and a stark white pair of sneakers for casual style, and a well-fitted tucked out shirt with boots or loafers for a party on these. For easy days, put on a pair of sandals and a soft tee and you’ve aced your look! 

Black All-Weather Essential Stretch Pants

All weather essential black pants

For the guy that loves looking his formal best but with convenience, we’ve got the Black All Weather Essential Stretch Pants too. With a smart water-repellent technology, these pants are truly lightweight - for the guy that hustles all day in every season too!

Style tip: Crisp tucked in shirts and a pair of water-repellent boots complete your look effortlessly. For more casual affairs, swap out the shirt for a comfy tee for elevated evening wear.

Deep Black Corduroy Stretch Pants

Deep Black Corduroy Stretch Pants

Cooler temperatures call for cozier choices, like our midweight rich cotton corduroy pants that offer superior stretch and flextech waistbands to keep you super comfortable all day. We love them for their lighter than usual weight, not weighing us down as corduroys usually do!

Style tip: Shirts and formal oxfords take your formal look to the next level, which easy tees and bulky sneakers take the cake for a laid-back casual look; all in absolute comfort.

Black Wool Rich Twill Pants

Black Wool Rich Twill Pants

Supersoft and truly luxurious, our Black Wool Rich Twill Pants are perfect for the man that loves his comfort and would go the extra mile for premium wool. Perfect for its wrinkle-resist properties, thermoregulating comfort and machine-washable convenience, this is the perfect pant for lush comfort, all-season ease and a truly luxurious look! 

Style tip: Perfect for formal events and occasions, pair with a crisp shirt, a smart blazer and formal wingtip shoes for an edgy formal look or a well-fitted soft sweater and loafers for a pro-casual look!

Onyx Black Featherlight Wool Pants

Onyx Black Featherlight Wool Pants

For the men that love premium comfort, opulent style and super lightweight wear, these pants feel like heaven. Our Onyx Black Featherlight Wool Pants are crafted using rich merino wool sourced from Australia and offer wrinkle-resistance, supersoft wear and extremely lightweight convenience. For the man that’s hustling all day and loves classy style, this is a perfect choice! 

Style tip: A smart pair of Onyx Black Featherlight Wool Pants go well with crisp core colored shirts and smart shoes for important meetings and a well-fitted polo and sneakers for a casual evening. These pants, in our opinion, work well for travel too because of being truly lightweight and draping well throughout the day!

Blackout Premium Merino Wool Pants

Blackout Premium Merino Wool Pants

Too much black is not a thing, really. The Blackout Premium Merino Wool Pants from our collection are the truly deep black pants you need. Comfort guaranteed with super-softness, wrinkle-resistance and thermoregulation. The perfect true black for weddings, meetings, conferences and other formal events, these are perfect for the man that wants to look sharp! 

Style tip: Pair your Blackout Premium Merino Wool Pants with a crisp shirt, a formal blazer and smart formal shoes for every event. Paired with loafers and a tucked out shirt works perfectly for a party too! We love how versatile these pants can be! 

The perfect black pants don’t exi….YES THEY DO!

Choose your favorite custom-made black pants from our collections, or get them all. You can never go wrong with black; the MOST VERSATILE PANT ever, our true MVPs.

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