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Durability meets Style: Custom-Made Cargo

Durability meets Style: Custom-Made Cargo

Cargo pants are a great choice for when you are exploring the outdoors, but they are also a great choice for when you are running errands, out all day with your mates or while you're travel from country to country exploring beautiful sights. Celebrating unique style & elegance, our custom-made cargos are just what your wardrobes need. Made using premium fabrics, customized to fit you better and crafted thoughtfully, our wide range of custom-made cargos are your go-to collection to choose your everyday essentials from; whether for work, play or in-between. 

Top choices?

Versatile Fabric Options

6 Pockets Cargo Pants

Our custom-made cargo pants come in a wide range of fabric choices from four-way stretch knits, premium cotton-stretch cargos, water-repellent All Weather Essentials to rich Corduroy cargos. Whether you choose cargo shorts or cargo pants, they are custom-made to fit you just right and offer a whole world of comfort. A full 5-stars everytime you wear them; our guarantee!

The All-Dayer: Stretchiest 

Mens Cargo Trousers

Four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, easy to care for and absolutely wrinkle-free? Yes, our Power-Stretch Pants are made for the women on-the-go. Hustle harder in absolute true comfort, whether it’s working at the office all day or out on the town for errands and meetings. Our power-stretch collection does not disappoint.

Functionality Redefined: 6 POCKET MULTI POCKET

6 Pocket Pants

Our custom-made cargo pants are just what you need for everything, everywhere and everytime. Why wear cargo pants? Keys, wallet, phone, mask, earbuds, lip balm, sanitizer, sunglasses, lens wipes, stuff that has regular pant pockets bulging; with custom-made cargo pants you’ve got extra room to do everything a little more freely.

Here are a few activities where cargo pants and cargo shorts make for perfect wear:

Hiking Days

Six Pocket Cargo Pants

Monsoons & winter months are for when the mountains beckon your attention. Whether you stay in snow-capped mountains or are just visiting for a weekend, cargo pants are your best friend. Our ripstop fabric cargo pants are lightweight, stretchable, moisture wicking fabric that can withstand the toughest conditions while providing maximum comfort.

The Casual outing

Cargos for Men

Casual outings call for outfits that are comfortable, lightweight & breathable. Cargo pants are the perfect choice to pull off your summer look in style. Pair them with light-colored polos or dark crew-necks and finish them with trendy sneakers to look your summer best and feel super-fresh.

Our custom-made cargo pants offer a world of comfort with stretch fabrics, custom-tailoring and customizations to make them yours.

The Biker’s Favourite

Cargo Pants for Men

Rough & tough is just the way we like it when it comes to treks, picnics & road trips. Get your rugged look perfect with a stylish pair of cargo pants paired with a tee, fleece shirt or windbreaker for casual days, winter hikes or long road trips.

So Men, while you prep your wardrobe for the weekends coming up, make sure to stock up on your yearly essentials too. For work, weekends and wetter seasons. From our retro corduroys, all-weather essentials that keep you comfy in unpredictable weather, rich cotton chino or four-way stretchable knit fabric, custom-made cargo pants or shorts are a must for your casual wardrobes.

 We customize your pants for a better fit, finished with a free monogram for truly making it yours. SHOP NOW!

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