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2021: A Year Old, A Year Wiser!

2021: A Year Old, A Year Wiser!

Looking back on our first year at The Pant Project, it is wonderful to reminisce and realize all that we have accomplished. We have delivered over 10,000 pants in our first year of operations, grown our team, and launched several new products. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that this is just the beginning and there is such a long, long way for us to go as a team.

Here's an overview of what we have achieved in the past 12 months.

The Pant Project Timeline

October 2020: The Pant Project Goes Live 

We went live in October 2020 with a wide range of custom-made chinos, formal pants and power-stretch comfort pants. We launched in three fits, slim, tapered & relaxed, which we arrived at after 1000s of trials and lots of research.

November 2020: The Pantologist Campaign

We launched the Pantologists in November of last year. The [Pant]ologists are a  community of men who love their pants. This campaign featured stories of men who are blazing their own trails, while looking dapper. Each of our Pantologists are unique, not only in their style preferences, but also in their professions and personal interests. The thing they share in common, is a strong desire to be the best at what they do. 

December 2020: Winter Wools Launch

Towards the end of 2020, we innovated and brought to our customers fine merino wool pants to give their winter wear an uplift. 

January 2021: Our First 1000 Customers

As an emerging E-tailor for custom-made pants for men, we were apprehensive about how well we would do. We hit our first 1000 orders in 3 months, and this gave us the encouragement to press on for more. 

Feb 2021: Gift cards launched 

We noticed that a lot of people enjoyed gifting a pair of custom-made pants to their loved ones, and decided to launch our very own Pant Project gift card, which clients could send along with a personalized note. 

March 2021: Shorts Launch during Holi weekend

Our custom-made shorts were launched in various comfort fabrics like linens, knits and cottons; all sourced from our own factories and crafted to give men just what they want, and how they want it. 

April 2021: Enter Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant

As free spirited & maverick in his style Rishabh Pant is, we thought he would be a perfect ‘fit’ for us and signed him as our brand ambassador. A fearlessly confident player, full of excitement, Rishabh Pant became the face of The Pant Project, which helped us scale further heights in terms of social media presence and boosted our sales.

May 2021: PAN[T20] Collection

With the IPL season coming up, we looked towards creating bolder colours so that our clients could cheer on their favorite team in their team's colors. A brand new set of bold, bright & exciting colors in our premium cotton chinos - our PAN[T20] collection still lives on our website and is a best-selling collection to many of our buyers!

June 2021: 6 pocket utility Cargos 

Whether camo or solid tones, our cargo pants launched in May 2021 and were an instant hit. The handy 6-pocket design crafted with a perfect fit that no other brands provide. They soon became our best-sellers and still are some of our most purchased pants on the site. 

July 2021: All-Weather Weather Essentials, INCA collection and Better Basics launch

Pre-monsoon months were gruelling for the team because we decided to launch three new collections one after the other. Our All-Weather Essentials were a groundbreaking collection of pants, cargo pants & joggers that offered a water-repellent technology for those that choose to live through seasons in their favourite pants.

Our INCA collection: three colors inspired by south american topography, and one of our favourites because of the essential boldness in the tones was a collection of chinos, cargo pants and joggers in a turquoise blue, forest green & autumn rust. 

While technologies constantly evolve and improve, we improvised some pants from our formal dress pants and added a desert khaki to the mix: with four-way stretch fabric that lets you feel comfort wherever you wear them and double down as perfect office to dinner party pants, the Better Basics was our third hot launch in the monsoon season! 

August 2021: Made In India Campaign

We realized it meant a great deal to a lot of our long-standing customers that our pants are crafted in India. Our Made in India campaign through August 2021 was a brilliant display of how customers’ orders are processed at our units using state-of-the-art technology as well as skilled minds that create the perfect fitting pair of pants. 

With behind-the-scenes videos and shots of our teams working together harmoniously to create custom-made clothing, our Made In India Campaign gave our followers a true peek into our authentic, high-quality processes that help achieve creation of the perfect pair of pants. 

September 2021: Over 10,000 pants delivered

We have come a long way in our first year, and are glad that we have been able to serve so many clients across the country. We are thankful for all your support and look forward to serving you over the course of the years and decades to come!

Thank You

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