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Conscious Commitment: Are You Doing Your Bit For A Sustainable Future?

Conscious Commitment: Are You Doing Your Bit For A Sustainable Future?

We can all make a difference. Day after day, our choices have an impact on the environment; big and small. Our custom-made pants, at The Pant Project, are mission-driven. As a D2C brand that provides custom-made pants, we ensure:

  • use of recycled raw materials 
  • fully traceability in our supply chain
  • minimal waste and zero inventory
  • ethical working conditions for our tailors

As a community with a common passion for consciousness, mindfulness and thoughtfulness, we create long-lasting & high-quality products that have a lesser impact. We make a choice everyday, to create pants that are designed to last. Pants that make you feel good and make the environment feel good too.

Our current goal? Reducing the carbon footprint, one effort at a time. 

And here’s how we do it. 

All our custom-made pants are designed & crafted consciously for better wear. So whether it’s our fabric, our processes or our packaging; you can make a better choice everyday by just putting on a pair of pants. It’s that simple. 

Supply = Demand.custom made pants online

You order your pants, we make them. We do not pre-produce large batches of garments and have unsold inventory that ends up in a landfill. We hold little inventory, and have minimized waste in the production process. 

Consciously sourced eco-friendly raw materials: one fabric at a time!premium fabric

As a D2C brand, we insist on traceably sourced fabrics. Ethical, mindful & conscious consumption of fabrics that better the environment in various ways is our priority.

  • The polyester we use is 100% recycled from PET Bottles and can be traced back to its source; Global Recycled Standard (GRS)-certified. 
  • Our performance fabrics, like All-Weather Essentials retain benefits for 30 washes, making them a top choice for long-term use & durability.
  • Our merino wool is Woolmark certified and is ethically sourced & mulesing-free. Its thermo-regulating properties make it an all-season wear; quality over quantity. 
  • Our premium quality cotton comes from organically grown sources that are Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certified. 
  • Our Viscose is entirely sustainable LIVA viscose; natural fibers from trees grown specifically for the purpose of creating viscose. One of the most purified forms of cellulose. 

Thoughtfully consumed H2Omaking of sustainable fabric

At our manufacturing unit, there are various processes in place to reduce and minimize the water consumption to help reduce wastage of water & effluents.
  • Our own water treatment plant that treats up to 500k liters of water. 
  • Zero liquid discharge of hazardous wastes and chemicals

Plastic-Free Packagingbest pants in india

Our current packaging is entirely plastic-free. We use recycled paper and cardboard, and are working with The Mend Packaging to incorporate as low carbon footprint packaging as we can.  

Rooftop Solar Powerbest custom made pants in india

Our manufacturing units are being fitted with state of the art rooftop solar panels for renewable powering. Step-by-step we will have completely filled our rooftops with solar panels to be functioning entirely on renewable energy in the future. Enabling our factories with solar power allows for less usage of coal and other damaging sources of energy & power. This helps us take more steps towards being a more conscious brand for you.  

We all leave an impact on the planet. So let’s make sure we play a part in making it better too. At The Pant Project, we are working harder each day to be more conscious, thoughtful and mindful in all our activities. We hope to reach a level of 100% sustainable in the coming years. 

Making the right choice can be as simple as wearing a consciously crafted custom-made pair from The Pant Project!

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