How Pant Project is Using Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

The Pant Project is at the forefront of technology use to enable a seamless customer experience. The brand has invested in several tools such as a new age CRM, which provides granular data on customer behaviour and enables campaigns to be personalised to each shoppers preferences.

The company is also using it's own proprietary ERP system on the factory floor, to track the motion of each pant through each stage of the custom-production process, to minimise errors and defects, and to give visibility to customers on their estimated delivery date.

Technology & data science have become essential enablers of direct to consumer brands and The Pant Project recognises that it's long term competitive edge lies in the ability to build a brand around providing better fit to customers. They are able to do this by using data science algorithms that crunch the numbers on Indian body types and common fit problems, and arrive at the best fit for each customer based on their waist, body type and height. They have even built a custom-quiz on their site that allows customers to get their ideal Pant Project size by answering a few simple questions like which brand they typically shop at, what size and fit they typically buy, what their shoe size is, and what their weight is etc. 

The Pant Project has served over 35,000 customers to date, and has data on their body measurements, which enables the brand to continuously improve the fit of their pants. The brand also has a free alterations policy, and the customers updated measurements are stored automatically in their system for repeat orders. 

The brand is continuously investing in improving customer experience at both the front end and back end through technology. The Pant Project is working with a San Francisco based software company to enhance its user experience and user interface, particularly on the mobile site, since 90% of customers shop through their phones. The brand runs constant iterative experiments and A/B tests to arrive at the simplest flows and funnels, with fewest number of clicks to checkout and to provide all the information that the client needs about the product visible in the cleanest manner.

The Pant Project has also adopted a hybrid model for its technology team, with developers based in Bangalore and Mumbai, and partners in Delhi & San Francisco. This remote structure has allowed the brand to recruit the best talent and build world class technology solutions to deliver an elite customer experience. 

Global brands such as Laws of Motion have also started experimenting with sizing technology such as virtual mirrors and AI based tools, while Indian brands like Lenskart & platforms such as Myntra have started experimenting with 3D try on visualisations. 

For any brand, the race to deliver the best customer experience is always on, and technology is an enabler that must be heavily invested in if one is to win as a direct to consumer brand. 


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