Keeping it conscious: This Diwali, we celebrate thoughtfulness, mindfulness and an effort towards a better tomorrow!

Diwali: a festival to celebrate new beginnings, better tomorrows and the victory of good over evil. We see it the same way too. A reason to celebrate steps taken towards a better future, the choice of good practices over detrimental and a new direction and way of considering our environment. 

Consciousness helps the heart feel better; the planet feels healthier and your purchase seems more valuable. At The Pant Project, we take this chance to bring forth light to our efforts and steps towards being conscious and ethical. Wondering how we do this?

Founded as a brand that goes above and beyond to offer comfort without compromise for men and women, The Pant Project offers world-class quality with a reflection of persistent innovations and thoughtful processes. These thoughtful processes can be broken down into the following efforts:

  • Use of consciously sourced & created fabrics
  • Fully traceable supply-chain 
  • Minimal waste & zero inventory
  • Ethical conditions for our staff & factory workers
  • Packaging that cares

Designed for better wear, our pants are made using fabrics that are sourced & created consciously. For example, our luxurious merino wool comes from cruelty-free farms. Our linens are sourced from all-natural European harvesters. Our corduroys and chinos are made using the best of the best BCI-certified organic cotton. The viscose that goes into providing soft-stretch to our pants is sourced from a fully-sustainable farm. Similarly, the polyester that goes into offering durability and lightweight structures is recycled from PET bottles; yes, every bottle of water you consume and discard in some way turns into fabric!

Best pants for Men

Being a brand that goes the extra mile by offering custom-made comfort, our pants are sent into production only after an order is registered. With our free-alterations program, we minimize the possibility of waste and inventory.

H2O for you, me and everyone!
Our manufacturing unit holds various processes in place to reduce and minimize water usage and effluent discharge. We have a water-treatment plant on the property that treats almost 500k liters of water. We have successfully also reached a zero-discharge level with our day to day processes and efforts. YES!

More comfort Less waste

Last, but not the least, our packaging is plastic-free and from recycled materials to help you feel good about your purchase….even further. Custom-made comfort without any compromise and consciously made!

Sustainable Fashion

This Diwali, celebrate being Indian, but moreover, celebrate being conscious. As the need of the hour, consciousness is a quality and effort we must strive to spread and inculcate all around us!

Explore our wide range of consciously crafted comfort choices now!

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