Meet your new favorite pair of Jeans

Jeans are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. However, the pandemic caused an unprecedented decrease in denim sales. Even though widely considered an essential, people started moving to more comfortable bottom wear such as shorts and joggers. We’ve all been there – attended zoom meetings where pants were optional. But with the ‘new normal’ fading out and people resuming their pre-Covid activities, the demand for denims has increased. People don’t want to give up on comfortable clothing yet though – and that’s where The Pant Project’s denims come in.

These power-stretch slim fit jeans have a soft, comfortable, and premium feel, while offering breathability, durability, and maximum stretch. These jeans offer flexibility to live, breathe, and move with them. 

As always, we’ve used a premium fabric to craft these jeans to perfection. Lightweight and durable, these jeans will hold their shape and color; thanks to the rigorous testing we put them through.

Our most-loved fabric, power-stretch, now in Jeans. Gone are the days when Jeans were heavy and restrictive. Ideal for summers and travelling, these jeans will move with you. This means that these jeans will not hamper your movement in any way. Eat to your heart’s desire or dance like no one’s watching – we got your back!

Don’t be fooled by their looks - even though these jeans are soft and lightweight, they will maintain their color and shape throughout their lives. 


Presently, we offer the power-stretch slim fit jeans in 2 colors – indigo blue and raw black. With a high percentage of cotton and two-way stretch, these denims feel like second skin. Then, we have the power-stretch jeans, in royal blue and charcoal grey, which offer a four-way stretch.

Raw Black Power-Stretch Slim Fit Jeans

Indigo Blue Power-Stretch Slim Fit Jeans

Royal Blue Power-Stretch Jeans

Charcoal Grey Power-Stretch Jeans


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