Mom, I love you: Celebrating you with custom-made [love]

Dear Moms, 

We love you. 

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes,
Custom-made for their children, only. 
They are all things irreplaceable. 
Always there for you, always supporting you. 

It goes without saying that motherhood is the toughest full-time job. From breathing life into us daily, to preparing us for our futures, nurturing our habits and quirks, a mother’s love holds priority beyond any other. Unconditional, effortless, powerful and supportive. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s only fair that we believe that every mother is custom-made: for her own child. While we celebrate our mothers on this special day, make sure you recognize that she is made for you only, no one else. Celebrate this with gratitude, affection and joy. 

For all the mommies who offer their love in the form of countless lullabies, wiping our tears, cooking amazing meals and making us who we are today: THANK YOU.

Custom-made love, for you.custom-made pants for moms

Remember the time you first knocked around and bruised yourself? She probably cried more than you did, that too after scolding you. Or the time you were revising your notes for your first exam? She stayed up at night to help you focus, woke you up in the morning so that you weren’t late. She made learning fun, she made you enjoy food and she brought you up to be the successful person you are today. Pamper her with extra love today; show her how custom-made love deserves custom-made love too. She needs her comfort, because she stretches boundlessly for you. She deserves to smile everyday, because she keeps you breathing lighter too!

Her comfort is above all!gift for mothers day

Cue in days when nothing was working out for you, her sunny presence just made everything alright. A mother’s comfort is nothing compared to the comfiest of the couches in the world.

Versatility that cannot be compared!
Best gift for mothers day

Your mother plays multiple roles in life: she’s your teacher, warrior, protector, caregiver and your best-friend. She goes above and beyond to make you smile, to make you comfortable and to see you succeed. She’s your guiding light and a role model. Look up to her: she multitasks before you even learned how to, she follows discipline way before you were taught to. She does it all, for you. 

The true keeper: she finds your socks in the same place you couldn’t, she fills your pockets when dad says no, and she holds you together like the glue you never knew existed. 

There are days that you fight with her and make her cry. Today, make her smile, make her feel special and celebrate all that she is for you. When your mom is custom-made for you, the only way to pamper her is to give her something custom-made too. A special 20% off from us, for you, to pamper mom on Mother’s Day. Use code MOM20 at checkout while you order your pants with her!

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