Pant-Perfect Christmas & New Year’s Eve Styling Tips For You!

Pop the champagne, cue in the confetti and celebrate Christmas & New Year’s Eve with a hella-good style. Whether it’s a house-party, a trip out of town, fun at a modern bar or simply a spontaneous party plan; looking good is a mandate. 

Balling in Black

Raw Black Slim Fit Jeans

Everyone’s go-to color and for good reason, black is the perfect color for the night. Whether paired with a smart suit, just a blazer or a casual look with a smart shirt, black pants are a no-brainer when it comes to extremely good style. We love these custom-made essentials for your look!

Braving some colors

Cotton Chinos for Women

Our premium cotton chinos and linens help you break the stereotype and look extra-stylish for day and night occasions. Whether it’s a brunch, wedding events or a great dinner and drinks party, we’ve got you covered with stylish versatile essentials that make sure you look dapper wherever you go!

Throwback to Textured Corduroys

Corduroy for Men

Turning up at a house party, Christmas dinner or a New Year’s Eve party out on the town, corduroys are the perfect way to dial up your style without compromising on comfort. The holidays call for some extravagance, a load of comfort and something retro chic. Corduroys are our favorites if you are looking at exploring custom-made pants for the holidays!

Best for dinner parties

Olive Corduroy Pants

Our corduroy pants make the perfect cut for a intimate family gatherings or a joyous New Year’s Eve bring in at a buzzing restaurant. From stretch comfort to wrinkle-free wear, we love these essentials that really bring out your style effortlessly. 

Whether it’s a smart shirt, comfy boots or simply a tee with sneakers, our pants go with everything you throw on them. Make sure to order soon to get them in time for your calendar invites!

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