How To Wash & Care For Your Custom-Made Pants!

Tailored clothing ranges from everyday wear, evening-wear, casual-wear and formal wear. It could be a pair of shorts, office-pants, hangout-pants, workout joggers or dress pants for a night out on the town. The best part about having it custom-made is guaranteeing a perfect fit which gives you the perfect look!

Tailor-made clothing gains its popularity from being crafted from the finest of fabrics, to fit you impeccably while having the ability to last long without any shrinkage or deterioration in quality. For such clothing items, a little care goes a long way. Your tailored wardrobes can benefit from just a few simple steps of daily care and maintenance.

Spot Cleaning

For cottons and linens, we recommend using a coin-sized amount of detergent and blotting the spot that needs cleaning before running them in your washing machine. Avoid rubbing too hard, as this can force the stain to sit deeper in the fabric.


For wool pants, we recommend using special wool detergent and following the same steps. We recommend investing in a wool/fabric brush to periodically brush down your pants to remove any particles that could cause trouble to your garment fabrics!

Removing Wrinkles

Wool is naturally wrinkle-resistant and tends to straighten out itself when hung between wears.

Cottons and linens are slightly more inclined towards creasing after wears, and we recommend giving them a steam periodically to straighten them out for your next wear. Plus point? You’re also getting rid of bacteria and releasing dirt from your pants, giving them a fresher and disinfected feel.


Ironing is also a quick-fix in such cases, but we recommend ironing them on low heat so as not to cause any damage to your garments. A little goes a long way, and your custom-made garments stay fresher than ever!

Frequency of Cleaning

When it comes to tailored clothing, the less you wash them, the longer their life. The easiest way to know when your pants need washing is when airing them out does not rid them of the dirt or smell. Typically, after two to three wears, is when we recommend drumming them in for a wash!

At The Pant Project, we tailor your pants and shorts to be machine-washed regularly without any need for professional cleaning services. We usually recommend a warm machine wash followed by medium tumble-drying and regular ironing practices to keep your pants and shorts crisp and ready for wear. Easy to care for, and luxurious to wear; we aim to give you comfort, convenience and style with all our custom-made pants!

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