TPP Guide: Styling Tips for Your Custom-Made Cargo Pants!

Brought in by the British as a military essential, cargo pants are now the top choice for all things comfort, stylish & utility. There are so many ways to style up or down in cargo pants, depending on where, when & how you wear them. Use these simple tips to ace your rugged look with custom-made cargo pants & shorts:

Hiking Days & Camping Nights

Monsoons & winter months are for when the mountains beckon your attention. Whether you stay in snow-capped mountains or are just visiting for a weekend, cargo pants are your best friend. 

The Summer Casual

Summer season calls for outfits that are comfortable, lightweight & breathable. Cargo pants are the perfect choice to pull off your summer look in style. Pair them with light-colored polos or dark crew-necks and finish them with trendy sneakers to look your summer best and feel super-fresh.

Our custom-made cargo pants offer a world of comfort with stretch fabrics, custom-tailoring and customizations to make them yours.

The Biker’s Favourite

Rough & tough is just the way we like it when it comes to treks, picnics & roadtrips. Get your rugged look perfect with a stylish pair of cargo pants paired with a tee, fleece shirt or windbreaker for casual days, winter hikes or long roadtrips.

Our custom-made cargo pants offer a comfort stretch in premium tailoring along with multi-utility pockets to hold all your valuables & keep them safe. Psst! We also offer water-repellent cargo pants for those that want to brave the rain, snow & sleet. 

Camo All Day Everyday

Break the monotony and up your style game with camo-printed cargo pants. Pair them with a light tee and some chunky boots to complete the look. Versatile at best, printed cargo pants are the most fun choice to style up with because of the different types of colored shirts & t-shirts that you can pair with them. 

Basics for Every Season

There is no style better than sporting your everyday basics with a variety of t-shirts, shirts, sweaters or the occasional jacket. It’s always easy to elevate your style when you pair simple basics with some trendy colors while hanging out with your friends, a casual family gathering or even a day of road tripping with your best buds. 

Winter Styling

The perfect man style: cargo pants, a cowl sweater & big boots, and you’re set for the winter. Whether you like sweaters, cardigans or super stylish cowl sweaters with lightly toned cargo pants; a comfy winter is guaranteed. 

So skip the sweats, get yourselves a pair of super-cool custom-made cargo pants. Looking good shouldn’t be reserved for just formal occasions; find your rugged style with us!

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