TPP Guide: Wearing Your Shorts With Style

 A workout & coffee run favourite, shorts are the top choice for men when it comes to basic essentials full of comfort & casual style. Shorts can make for very stylish casual workwear or occasion wear when paired with the right clothing. 

Here are a few tips on how to get your shorts styled just right.

Custom-fit is the key:

Apart from the variety & styles available, the most important aspect of purchasing clothing is to find the right fit. For men who workout to get the perfect glutes, showing them off is a given, and for those who don't, lounging comfortably is a priority. Our custom-made shorts can fit the bill for all kinds of men. 

The right length?

What many shoppers do not pay attention to is the length of their shorts. We offer three lengths - short, medium and long. 

Short shorts: We recommend choosing shorter length shorts if you have muscular & lean thighs; these look extremely stylish for casual days out on the town, lounging at home or wearing them for beach-day. 

Mid length shorts: For the tall man that holds a little more weight, we recommend opting for middle-length shorts that can be worn for weekend workdays, a brunch or simply for errands to complete. 

Long length shorts: If you like your shorts to end below your knees, or if you are extra tall, we recommend going with our long length shorts. 

Wearing shorts to work brunches or family gatherings? 

Shorts coupled with a solid tee & blazers is a style in itself. We recommend opting for a smart pair of cotton chino shorts, customized to fit you perfectly and have you looking like a million bucks or simply some linen shorts when a casual brunch calls!

Colors that stick: Go Classic or Be Bold

For men, we usually see that they stick to one brand when they have found the perfect pair of pants or shorts. We aim to be that brand. Our custom-made shorts come in a variety of colors, styles & customization options. Choose as per your purpose and pamper yourself with a custom-made wardrobe. 

For more casual wear, we recommend sticking to the basics like blacks, blues, greys, naturals and some light pastels. However, when it comes to vacationing or simply jazzing it up for a party, choose a bolder, brighter & smarter color: experiment with greens, yellows, pinks & reds for an attractive look! 

Our custom-made shorts come in various styles, colors & variations; pick & choose to build your wardrobe for every purpose with us! 

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