Why did 5000+ customers give our formal pants a 5-star review?

4 Way Stretch Pants

Our formal pants offer uber comfortable 4-way stretch technology that lets you dance, move, and groove with ease!

Comfortable Pants for men

Our tailors cater to your unique measurements & customisations, ensuring you get the perfect pants every time!

Fitting Guaranteed Pants

Our pants come with the perk of free alterations, and a fit guarantee, unlike any other brand!

Stretchable Pants for Men

Our waistbands can stretch over 2 inches to offer you a comfortable and snug fit that keeps your pants in place all day long.

Wrinkle Resist Pants

Our pants are designed to be wrinkle-resistant, ensuring you look sharp and polished throughout the day.

Best Pants for Men

We conduct rigorous testing to ensure that our pants do not fade even after 100 washes.

Designer Pants for Men

Choose amongst endless customization options from the fit and rise to the monogram, front panel, waistband, fastening, front pocket, and hem.

Easy Wash Care Pants

Our pants are machine washable, saving you both time and money. No more expensive dry cleaning bills or trips to the cleaners!

Travel Pants

Our pants are lightweight, wrinkle-free, and super stretchable, to be your perfect travel companion.

Long Lasting Pants

Our polyester is a superhero, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and our ECO liva-certified viscose ensures that for every tree cut, a new one is planted. 

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Perfect Pants for Men


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